IndVentr in association with Prana foundation of MIT developed iSAVE

A Patient-Specific Ventilation Expansion System that repurposes existing medical flow valves to allow a single ventilator to provide personalized support to at least two patients. iSAVE enables independent control of volume and pressure for each patient and incorporates safety measures to accommodate sudden patient deterioration and cross-contamination.

Jumping Into Action

COVID-19 is overwhelming healthcare systems worldwide and a majority lack the capacity to keep up with the global shortage of ventilators. In response, countries have created ventilator production and procurement programs, which has challenged already strained global supply chains. Low-cost and split ventilators have not been optimized or tested/validated under conditions of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), a significant and life-threatening complication of COVID-19. IndVentr in association with project prana recently developed the Individualized System for Augmenting Ventilator Efficacy (iSAVE). This device allows for a safe use of a single ventilator to simultaneously support multiple patients. The system has been validated in animal models and multiple ICU ventilators. The iSAVE could potentially expand the ventilation capacity of hospitals using existing ventilators, minimizing the need to procure additional ventilators for emergency situations during and after COVID. We seek to take the iSAVE where it’s needed most around the world.

iSAVE Features

  • Patient-Specific Volume and Pressure Control

  • Alarms and Measures to Mitigate Cross-Contamination Between Patients

  • Rigorously Tested

  • Assembly Time of Less Than 10 Minutes

  • Accomodates Changes due to Sudden Patient Improvement or Deterioration

  • Low Cost and Easy to Use

The solutions being prototyped and validated rapidly are:

  • Indventr100

    A BVM based automated resuscitator. Supports a range of ventilation modes & features. Displays real-time waveforms, statistics and configurable Alarms. Comes bundled with a web application for remote/central monitoring. A custom breathing circuit is recommended to reduce dead-space ventilation.

  • Indventr200

    A feature-rich pneumatic design. Operates on external compressed air and oxygen. Supports volume control, pressure control, pressure support, high flow oxygen therapy and other non invasive modes. Displays dynamic loops in addition to real-time waveforms, statistics and configurable alarms. Takes into consideration patient triggering and dynamic adjustments based on lung compliance, and airway resistance. Supports realtime remote monitoring.

  • iSAVE: Ventilator Sharing Solution

    The Individualised System for Augmenting Ventilator Efficacy (iSAVE). Serves more patients per ventilator simultaneously. Rigorously validated design. Low cost of ownership and easy to use. Assemble in less than 10 mins. Patient-specific volume and pressure control. Alarms and measures to mitigate cross-Contamination Between Patients. Accommodates Changes due to Sudden Patient Improvement or Deterioration. Get your investments in ventilators to do more for you